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We believe they are well-worth it to provide our customers with a Clean & Healthier Experience.


We offers Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free, Vegan nail care products and services to our clients. 

Products used in our services are Hand-Crafted in small batches using Organic & Natural ingredients.

this ensures the highest level of quality, freshness. 


We offer a large selection of 10-Free of Toxic Chemicals & Vegan nail polish

 is safe for use on KIDS and expectant MOMS.

We don't do acrylic or dipped nails due to the resins and formaldehydes in acrylics.

We offer ZOYA Remove+ that are acetone free and non-toxin for polish removal.​

this contains no isopropyl acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or n-methyl-pyrrolidone.

We invest in one-time use Buffer & File and Pedicure Liner, Toe Separator, Slipper.

All files, buffers and porous tools are disposed of as these are strictly single-use.

For our Stainless-Steel Tools, we're cleaned in soap and water, then

disinfected by soaking in Barbicide® and then processed in an Autoclave.

In an effort to ensure the highest caliber of safety for our clients,

we use a high temperature steam and pressure autoclave which is the only tool capable of killing 100% of all infective organisms. We take pride in the fact that our shop excels in hygiene protocol.

We constantly look for new products and methods that will help us offer the highest quality,
healthy and safe service in the industry.

Our Team
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