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Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Individual Lashes   $ 170

(one extension per natural lash)

2 Week Refill                             $ 70

3 Week Refill                             $ 80

Full Set Volume Lashes   $ 200

(volume fans per natural lash)

2 Week Refill                           $ 100

3 Week Refill                           $ 120

Lash Lift   $ 70

(Curl and elevate your natural lashes)

Lash Removal   $ 40

(Go from a Full or Partial Set back to your natural lashes)

Taking care of your



• Gently brush your lashes daily.


• Use a gentle cleanser every evening to prevent oil bulid-up.


• Avoid mascara. ( You don't need it, queen! )


• Do not use cotton balls or q-tips near your lashes.


• Do not rub!

Pick flowers. Not your lashes.


• Fact: face sleepers lose lashes faster.

Avoid sleeping directly on your lashes. you may notice increased lash loss your preferred sleeping side.


• When it comes to your cosmetics, any oils will breakdown the adhesives on your lashes.

Use an oil-free makeup remover & avoid creamy makeup.


• Stay away from high heat as it will break down the bond.


• To extend the life of your lashes,

please schedule touch-ups 2-3 weeks.

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