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We use high-performance products that are safe and non-toxic.
At Fifth Avenue, products are
never used that are harmful
to ourselves and our customers.

Our mission is to keep the environment clean and provide a safer and healthier service to
our customers.




We use 100% natural bath salts, cuticle oils and body scrubs,

body butters, mist

 that do not contain phthalates, parabens or other synthetic ingredients, or artificial fragrances. 

Our products used in our services are handcrafted in small batches

using organic &natural ingredients.

We offer the highest level of quality and freshest products

that you may not have experienced in other salons. 



For each service,

we provide customers with a single use file and buffer, pedicure liner, toe separator and slippers.

All files, buffers and porous tools are disposed of as these are strictly single-use.

Mask and Nitrile Gloves –

We wear disposable gloves during each service and dispose of used gloves after servicing a customer. (Powdered, Latex-free)

up to

of toxic chemicals

We offer a large selection of

up to 10-Free of Toxic Chemicals

& Vegan nail polish and gel polish 

is safe for use on

KIDS & expectant MOMS.


We do not use polishes that include the following toxins

Toluene, Formaledehyde,

Dibutyl Phthalate(DBP), 

Formaledehyde Resin,

Ethyl Tosylamide, Camphor, Xylene, MEHQ/HQ, MIT

Parabens, Gluten - FREE


We do not provide whirlpool jets to our clients for pedicure services.

Because whirlpool jets are breeding grounds for

bacteria and unsanitary.


We provide disposable pedicure liners to our customers.

we do not use excessive water.

And we thoroughly clean and disinfect the chair after each use.

Tool Sterilization

For our Stainless-Steel Tools,

we're cleaned in soap and water, then disinfected by soaking in medical-grade Barbicide.

and then processed in an autoclave.

In an effort to ensure the highest caliber of safety for our clients,

we use a high temperature steam and pressure autoclave which is the only tool capable of killing 100% of all infective organisms.



All stations cleaned daily

with disinfectant.

We properly clean, disinfect

and disinfect before starting, between every single customer,
and at the close of each day.

We are committed to maintaining

a cleaner environment.

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