Our Partners

we are honored to host our 7 + FREE nail polishes, organic and natural products partners:

We offers non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan nail care products and services to our clients. 

Products used in our services are Handcrafted in small batches using Food grade & Organic ingredients.

this ensures the highest level of quality, freshness.


We offer a large selection of 7 FREE & 10+ FREE, nontoxic and vegan nail lacquers, 

 is safe for use on KIDS and expectant MOMS.

We offer  ZOYA Remove+ that are acetone free and non-toxic for polish removal.​

We invest in one-time use buffers & files and pedicure disposable liner, industry-lead sterilization and cleaning equipment.

We believe they are well-worth it to provide our customers with a healthier experience.

We constantly look for new products and methods that will help us offer the highest quality,

healthy and safe service in the industry.