Organic & Natural Services

All types of manicure & pedicure include

nail shaping & cuticle care + organic massage lotion & herbal infused oil   

+ aromatherapy mist + nail strengthened base coat & quick dried top coat.



Natural (25min)$20

nail shaping & cuticle care + organic massage lotion + aromatherapy mist 

Organic Sugar (30min) - $30

nail & cuticle care + organic exfoliate with handmade special scrub + organic massage lotion

aromatherapy mist

Shellac (35min)$40

for long lasting nail + natural hand treatment

not chip, smudge, LED light.

over 300 CND shellac gel colors & health toxin free vegan gel colors

Organic Spa (40min)$40 / CBD Spa (50min)$50

for healing, tired hand

all-natural, organic products​ (FHF products)

natural mask + sugar scrub + 5 minutes hands massage with organic milk & oil + aromatherapy mist

Express (10min)$10

shape + non toxin nail polish


Natural (35min)$40

natural mineral sea salt soak + nail & cuticle care + natural sugar scrub + 

organic massage lotion & herbal infused oil + aromatherapy mist​


Organic Sugar (40min)$50

organic exfoliate with handmade special scrub + organic massage lotion & herbal infused oil +

aromatherapy mist​


Shellac (45min)$55

for long lasting nail + natural foot treatment

not chip, smudge, LED light.

over 300 CND shellac gel colors & health toxin free vegan gel colors


Organic Spa - No. 1 (60min) $70 / No. 2 (70min) $85 / CBD Spa (80min)$100

for healing, nourishing treatment.

all-natural, organic products​ (FHF products)

coconut oil blended fizzer + natural mask + sugar scrub + organic callus treatment + 10 20 minutes

hot stone massage with organic milk & oil + aromatherapy mist

Express (10min)$20

shape + non toxin nail polish

LITTLE MISS (8 & under ) 

Hands (10min)$10​ / Feet (15min)$20

for our guests 11 years and younger, a little version of our natural manicure/pedicure​ 

+ 2 simple nail design

Express (10min) - Hands  $8 / Feet  $12

shape + non toxin nail polish + 2 simple nail design


Extended massage (10min) - $15


Callus heel treatment (10min) - $10

certified organic/natural ingredients​

helps to powerfully dissolve thick, callused skin without stripping the skin of essential moisture & balance.

Buff / French (5min) - $5

French gel (5min) - $10

Nail art design (5min) - $5 up (each*)

Gel soak off (5min)$5


SNS Gel & Dip Powder soak off (+10min) - +$10

Dead Sea Mud Paraffin (5min) - $10 

helps to soften and moisturize your skin.

UV-Sculpted Gel


CND Brisa Sculpted Gel is a nail builder that adds strength and length to your nails it is a healthier alternative to acrylics. Sculpted Gel is thinner, more flexible and more natural-looking than traditional acrylics, but are just as durable. Our nail stylists hand-file our Sculpted Gel to avoid using drills, so please allow an hour and a half for full-set application or overlay and one hour for fill-ins.

Fill ins (50min) - $50 / Gel polish $60

Full set (80min) - $100 / Gel polish $110

Vegan-Friendly Fill ins - +$10

Gel fix (5min) - $10 (each*)

Gel removal (20min)$20

(*we do not acrylic removal)

Location & Contact​


209 West Main St #1, Avon, CT 06001